About Us

Clear Seas Research was born out of a market need for business-to-business marketing research solutions in a business world based on trust. Why choose Clear Seas Research?

Our customers used to make big decisions based on feedback from conversations during sales calls. Stop. This is not research. Amongst many dangers, this can lead you down a path of "cut your prices" mentality or to innovate new products that do not sell. In fact, it shouldn't be that hard or expensive to get usable market research. What you need is a market research company designed to get primary, unbiased feedback from actual people that buy your products, with reports you will LOVE. That's why we launched Clear Seas Research, we've created a B-to-B market research framework that helps you obtain customer feedback, and understand your Brand Awareness and New Product Development, so your business makes informed decisions from impactful studies and starts growing again.

Our clients choose Clear Seas Research for the following reasons:

  • Unparalleled industry, vertical B-to-B knowledge in these industries (our specialty is B-to-B, not consumer, research.)
  • Deep portfolio of primary (that is, Voice-of-Customer) syndicated research reports. (Not recycled government data. Not rehashed Google searches.)
  • Unrivaled sample from our double opt-in proprietary panel – myCLEARopinion Panel

Clear Seas Research History

Officially established in Troy, Michigan in March of 2006, Clear Seas Research focuses on delivering research and panel solutions for clients that desire unbiased, strategic information surrounding brand positioning, new product development, customer experiences and marketing effectiveness.

Conceptualized as a full-service market research organization run by experienced market research professionals, Clear Seas Research currently supports the global quantitative and qualitative research needs of leading companies in the construction, food and beverage, gaming, manufacturing, packaging and security industries.

Current members of Insights Association, AMA and ESOMAR, Clear Seas Research is committed to conducting market research using the highest standards of sample selection, data collection, analysis and reporting to provide businesses with actionable information to drive their strategic business decisions.

Take a moment to see what our customers think about working with Clear Seas, and vast B-to-B research insight reports that profile how we are committed to helping our customers succeed in business.

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