Data Collection

Strict Discipline To Your Data Collection Process Will Result In Better Research Results.

Our Core Values: Integrity, Optimism and Passion.

Our core values guide us in ensuring your research project is developed with a strong foundation focused on: well defined research objectives; access to qualified survey participants; a strong, unbiased survey instrument; and great attention to detail when cleaning the data to eliminate less than desirable survey participants.

Our Panel Community: myCLEARopinion

Dedicating 24/7 attention to the curation and growth of the proprietary panel community has helped Clear Seas spearhead the growth of one of the most dynamic, inclusive and interactive panel communities in the B-to-B world: myCLEARopinion™ Panel (mCo). mCopanel provides unprecedented access to unique and engaging B-to-B people from across the spectrum of trade professionals.  We work hard to find, engage and maintain people that lead busy professional lives on the mCopanel and utilize their enthusiasm to give YOU feedback to your most pressing business questions and market development initiatives through a variety of different methodologies to reach them.

Online Surveys

Clear Seas Research utilizes an advanced, flexible online survey platform to support complex survey designs and high volume survey traffic. Our survey software enables the integration of all types of media including the use of integrated flash, drag and drop functionality, and other interactive question formats to engage participants in the survey experience. Additionally, the survey software we utilize has multimode functionality so surveys will accurately render on desktop PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, mobile phones (both smartphones and feature phones), Netbooks, iPads and other web-enabled electronics.


Clear Seas Mobile

Clear Seas Research employs a “Device-agnostic”, browser based approach to all mobile research. It means that content renders “appropriately” to the device: software detects the type of device being used and then scales images to fit the screen size of the respondent’s specific device, and utilizes touch-screen capabilities, where appropriate. Clear Seas deploys projects that observe mobile best practices and, above all, respect people’s desire for mobile surveys to be brief.  

Online Qualitative

Clear Seas will recruit, moderate, and report online focus groups with Clear Seas Online Community Interviewer. Gain customer insights in the easiest possible way, capture emotions quickly, and share Customer Truth through the power of online video.

Phone Solutions

Clear Seas Research team members often conduct one-on-one executive level telephone interviews that are very strategic in nature. When a project requires a significant number of telephone interviews to be conducted that are less technical we look to our phone research partner to assist with fieldwork. Partnering with an agency specializing in telephone interviewing enables us to minimize our overall costs as well as the time to conduct fieldwork while providing access to best-in-class CATI technologies and college-educated interviewers.

At Clear Seas Research we ensure that all telephone interviewers involved in a study go through a rigorous training process to enable them to better relate to and understand the information provided by each respondent. This extensive training provides interviewers with the necessary background to effectively probe open- ends, to accurately capture information, and to better relate to respondents; thus improving the telephone survey experience for the respondent. In addition, phone interviews are monitored for quality and accuracy on an on-going basis.

Clear Seas Research is TCPA compliant. California Consumer Privacy Act Compliant and General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

In Person: Central Location Tests, Focus Groups, One-on-Ones, Intercepts

For research where in-person research is strictly required, Clear Seas utilizes trained Moderators and qualitative experts to recruit, engage and moderate target audiences and customers.  Through in person interaction, body language can provide critical feedback and provide significant non-verbal feedback critical to uncovering insights and nuanced reactions.  Additionally, Clear Seas utilizes a specific iPad based interactive intercept methodology to reach specific B-to-B respondents directly on trade show floors.

Multi-Modal Solutions

In some instances a multi-mode approach is desired to capture feedback from hard to reach individuals. The ability to reach people via mail, phone, web and/or mobile to learn more about their experiences requires careful consideration of survey wording and survey presentation. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure the respondent’s feedback is only collected via one source and that differences in results do not occur as a result of the survey delivery method.