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Clear Seas Research works with packaging developers and manufacturers to determine what functional attributes are required to maximize consumer interaction and acceptance of new packages. We have strong focus on understanding rigid plastic, metal, glass, flexible plastic, paper and paperboard packaging.

Additionally, we explore what is required from a manufacturer’s production perspective when changing the size, shape or materials used in different package designs. We enable packaging designers and manufacturers to hear directly from those responsible for product packaging decisions including those involved with: engineering, production, creative services, marketing, corporate, senior management, research design and purchasing.

Clear Seas Research team members attend industry related trade shows, subscribe to industry intelligence to keep up-to-date on the packaging industry. We understand the difficulty in locating and gaining research participation from industry professionals with decision making authority. Over the years we have explored various ways to reach out to these individuals and encourage them to participate in survey based research. We know what works and what doesn’t and more importantly how to encourage industry professionals to participate in a timely manner.

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