2018 Survey & Mapping Deep Dive: GIS Software & Lasers


The overall purpose of this study is to understand market characteristics, brand usage, and evolving trends within the laser scanning and GIS industry among professionals in the field.

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Why Order this Report?

As one of the industry’s largest cost categories, information about salaries and benefits is critically important for successfully managing the hiring, rewarding, and retaining of industry professionals. This report describes current employment characteristics for industry benchmarking, as well as information that will help mapping and surveying companies provide competitive compensation packages. Trends in employee’s professional registration and licensure are also in the report.

Who Should Read this Report?

Vice presidents, Directors and Managers of Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits, Planning, Sales, Business Development, and Operations in the mapping and surveying industry, including those who provide human resource, benefits, or staffing services to the industry.

Study Background:

Objectives of this research are to:

  • Usage of laser scanning/imaging and GIS tools and services in the surveying and mapping workflow
  • Laser scanning/imaging and GIS tools and services recently purchased, and expectations for future purchases
  • Expectations for growth within the field, including projected changes in demand for residential, commercial, and infrastructure applications
  • Awareness, usage, and preference for various brands of laser scanning/imaging and GIS tools and services
  • Perceptions about and participation in continuing education within the field, and interest in various methods of future training
  • Attitudes about how the surveying professions is influencing laser scanning/imaging and GIS implementation

Methodology: 237 online completes, fielded July 31 – August 7, 2018.