2019 Building Envelope: Insulation (Coming Soon)


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This report details industry professionals’ outlook on the building envelope industry as a whole, with a dive into building insulation, and includes an analysis of costs, training, sources of inefficiency, and issues facing the industry.

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Why Order this Report?

This report details industry professionals’ outlook within the walls and ceilings industry as a whole with a specific focus on insulation products. Quantitative information on business revenue, future predictions, and company demographics are included. This report also gives industry-watchers, analysts, and planners insight into key issues facing the industry and current actions to address those issues.

Who Should Read this Report?

Vice presidents, Directors and Managers of Construction, Planning, Sales, Project Management, and Operations in the construction industry, including those who provide tools, training, equipment, and services to the industry.

Study Background:

Objectives of this research are to identify:

  • Influential factors and key challenges facing the industry
  • Change in product sales for 2018 and 2019
  • Manufacture awareness and preference in three categories of insulation (fiberglass rolls/batts, rigid wall boards, and spray foam)
  • Company information including number of employees and gross annual sales
  • Demographic profiles of walls and ceilings professionals


  • Online surveys completed with active, qualified, domestic subscribers to Walls & Ceilings whose companies’ primary business is in contracting or dealing/distributing, as well as qualified professionals who are members of the myCLEARopinion panel.
  • Data to be collected May 2019