2020 ASSEMBLY Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Research


To get an idea of what the IIoT revolution currently looks like—and what the future might hold—ASSEMBLY magazine partnered with Clear Seas Research to survey manufacturers about their involvement with IIoT technologies. The research was designed to answer…

  • How are manufacturers currently using IIoT technology and for what applications?
  • What are the challenges associated with implementing IIoT?
  • What is the integration process like and who are the key individuals involved?
  • How much are companies planning to invest in IIoT technology?


Report Background

ASSEMBLY has partnered with Clear Seas Research to conduct research surrounding the topic of the Industrial Internet of Things with ASSEMBLY magazine subscribers and others aligned to assembly/manufacturing industries to explore adoption and involvement with IIoT.

Study Objectives:

Objectives of this research are to:

  • Industry involvement in IIoT – current use and for what applications
  • Challenges associated with engaging in IIoT
  • Integration process and key individuals involved
  • IT technology investment planned and currently invested (software solutions and related hardware/systems)
  • Sensor manufacturer usage
  • Motion control manufacturer usage
  • Software solution provider usage


  • Over 200 online surveys were completed with active, qualified ASSEMBLY, Quality, and appliance DESIGN direct request subscribers selected from the U.S. circulations base and whose job responsibilities include IIoT aspects at their organization.
  • Data collected January 29 – 31, 2020