Our Team

Our Core Values:






Financial Balance

Vertical Knowledge

Elite five star market research team and talent from Clear Seas.

The Clear Seas Research team is dedicated to providing you with clear insights to complex business questions. We believe that as your business strives to grow and succeed in today’s marketplace, it is vital that your research partner possess strong industry knowledge, research expertise, and the ability to think strategically, while embracing sound core values.

Integrity to provide honest feedback.

Your success depends on the achievement of unbiased insights addressing the criteria you set forth. We strive to become your trusted research partner; the one you can count on for honest results.
Passion for our work.

Setting a high standard for excellence is the driving force behind every challenge put before us. We embrace the needs of our clients and work hard to fulfill them, bringing our energy and passion to your company and your project.

Optimism for the future.

We believe success comes from knowledge. It is our goal to communicate the research results you receive from Clear Seas Research in a way that generates new ideas throughout your organization, illuminating a clearer path for you to achieve your business objectives.


Industry Knowledge.

To enable you to feel confident that Clear Seas Research team members have solid understanding of your industry and the unique challenges you face.

To increase the value of the research insights we deliver by drawing on our industry knowledge and experiences.

Research Expertise.

To create an environment that encourages Clear Seas Research team members to keep up to date on new methodologies providing the ability to create customizable research solutions for our customers.

To focus on conducting research focused on understanding your brand position, measuring marketing effectiveness, evaluating customer experiences, and developing new products to ensure our research solutions provide you with actionable results.

Strategic Thinking.

To utilize our industry knowledge and research expertise to communicate complex information in a manner that is easily understood, strategic and actionable.

To keep up to date on both market research industry technologies and techniques, and vertical industry trends to provide you with the most insightful, actionable information in the most efficient manner.