Brand Research

Allow Brand Research To Create Your Foundation For Brand Equity, Image and Position.

Brand Research

Brand Research enables marketers to better understand how their brands are positioned relative to a specific product or brand category.  As your brand travels through its lifecycle, its strength and success are based on its ability to remain relevant by continuously evolving to meet the tangible and emotional needs of stakeholders. Brand research measures brand awareness, brand image, brand position, brand loyalty and brand advocacy providing you with the insights required to position your brand to be relevant and in demand.

 The Clear Seas Research approach to brand research uncovers brand strengths, areas of vulnerability and opportunities for future growth. Custom developed brand research solutions ensure that your specific research questions are addressed in ways that will provide the insights you need for strategic decision making.

You may be wondering:

  • Who knows about my brand? How did they learn about it? What initially attracted them to the brand?
  • How is my brand perceived by current and potential customers? How do others involved with this category talk about my brand?
  • When speaking with friends/colleagues what do people say about my brand?
  • What brand attributes are most important to category stakeholders?
  • How does my brand stack up against competitive offerings?
  • Who’s loyal to my brand and for what reasons?
  • What needs to be done for my brand to be most effectively positioned?
  • How do I redirect my brand to make it more relevant and appealing?
  • How do I get people to become advocates for my brand?

The customized brand research solutions provided by Clear Seas Research will focus on addressing your strategic brand issues. The results will serve as a roadmap for you to continue to drive your brand forward, while navigating the competitive marketplace, with a deep understanding of customer wants, needs and expectations.

Contact Clear Seas Research now to get started developing a brand management research solution to help you position your brand for future growth.