Marketing Effectiveness Research

Learn How Marketing Effectiveness Research Will Help Guide Your Marketing Investments.

Marketing Effectiveness ResearchMarketing effectiveness research enables you to measure how well your marketing communications break through the noise, engage the target audience, drive activity and increase business momentum. Marketing messages appear just about everywhere (SmartPhone apps, billboards, bumper stickers, radio, TV, Internet websites, banner advertisements, online/print articles, news releases, the guy on the corner waving the sign announcing a sale, team apparel sponsorships… you get the idea). And, often are not recognized as brand/corporate marketing/messaging. Some corporate messages are a result of a large investment that is controlled carefully to ensure the message delivered is desirable and relevant to the target audience.

Other messages may be the result of little or no investment, but break through and capture customers’ attention because they are funny, quirky, ridiculous, or in some other way memorable. Some messages achieve national coverage while others are more locally based. The shared commonality across all forms of marketing messaging is the desire to capture your attention even if only for a few seconds, and to make an impression, even if subconscious, so that you will remember and seek out the company/brand when the need arises.

The Clear Seas Research approach to marketing effectiveness research will test various advertising concepts and platforms of communication to determine which images, messages and communications resonate with your target audience. We work closely with you to test messaging and creative execution prior to launch to determine which marketing communications will likely perform better than others and in what environments. Additionally, we’ll help you explore which ads will be most likely to resonate with the target audience and to cause the viewer to take action.

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