Full service market research solutions

How clear seas research approaches your most pressing business issues

Clear Seas Research is a full service marketing research supplier offering solutions designed to provide business decision-makers in construction, food & beverage, packaging, security, manufacturing, and gaming industries, with the information required to succeed in business. We work with manufacturers, distributors, advertising agencies, marketing consultants and other industry professionals to help achieve a better understanding of:

  • Brand image and current market position among industry professionals and end-users;
  • How satisfied customers are with the experience, relationship, products, and services offered ;
  • How to most effectively market and promote products/services to their target audience;
  • What unmet needs exist and what opportunities are present for product line expansion or new product development.

Partnering with Clear Seas Research enables our customers to focus on their business challenges and the strategic implementation of their proprietary research results. We focus on the intricacies involved in conducting sophisticated, actionable, unbiased market research methodologies; verifying collected information accuracy; developing the data story; and presenting the findings in ways that are meaningful for information users and key decision makers.

Integrity, optimism and passion are the factors driving our team to utilize our research knowledge and expertise to help better prepare our customers for the future. Customers are delighted to find that in addition to being research experts, we understand the unique challenges faced by the industries we serve and are able to identify and engage their hard to reach target audiences to achieve the required research insights.

Finding the right solution for your needs


Explore attitudes.
Increase awareness.
Improve position.

Improve relationships.
Delight customers.
Increase loyalty.



Capture attention.
Cause action.
Increase ROI.

Identify needs.
Measure interest.
Understand purchase intention.


How Clear Seas Research Considers And Approaches Your Challenge

Understanding which research solution may achieve your research goals requires careful consideration of your information needs and a plan for how the information will be used for future decision making. The following steps may help you in determining which research solution is right for you:

Identify The Challenges You Are Currently Facing

  • How is your brand/product performing? Are sales increasing, decreasing or holding constant? Is your brand/product top-of-mind to those looking to make category purchases?
  • Are you planning to grow your business or maintain current volumes? Are your marketing efforts as effective as they were five years ago? Is your online presence appropriate for your target customer? Are your marketing communications resonating with the desired audience, causing them to take action?
  • Do you have a new product concept you are considering bringing to market? Do you understand the needs of your customers? Are customers interested in your new concept? At what price point will they purchase your new product? Does the new product possess all the desired attributes? Are the product benefits you’ve identified inline with the product benefits your customer sees?
  • Are your customers happy? Are they loyal to you? Are they advocates for your brand? Do you know what it takes to delight them? Are you willing to make changes to provide them with an even better experience? Are you positively differentiating your company/products/brands from competitors?

Determine What Information You Need To Make Strategic Decisions

Now that you’ve identified your main challenge(s) it’s time to think about how you’re going to use the information once you have it.

  • What strategic decisions need to be made? Who will be using the information and for what purposes? Will you be prepared to make changes based on the research findings? What will happen if the results aren’t what you expect?

Determine What Information You Need To Make Strategic Decisions

You’ve identified your main challenges and the information you need for strategic decision making. Who has the knowledge, experience, and insight to provide you with the information you need? What industry do they work in? What is their job title/job function? What brands/products do they need to have experience with? How recent should their experiences be? Do they need to be key decision makers? What other things are important to ensure the appropriate individual is providing the feedback you need?

Identify The Challenges You Are Currently Facing

Look at you challenges, your information needs, the target audience, and your ability to implement change based on the results achieved.

  • If your information needs are more focused on understanding your brand and how it is positioned relative to competitors a brand research study may be appropriate.
  • If your information needs are more focused on understanding if your marketing is increasing awareness of your brand/product and how to encourage individuals to take action a marketing effectiveness research study may be right for you.
  • If you have a new product you are looking to develop; preparing to launch; or considering updating a product development research solution may work.
  • Or if you are looking to increase satisfaction with your product/brand/service to encourage loyalty and advocacy a customer satisfaction research solution may be right for you.

It is common for a mixed solution to be necessary in order to capture the information desired. Keep in mind that when you combine solutions each becomes a little diluted while you try to capture the information required without burdening your survey respondent. Often times it is better to prioritize the order of the desired information and allow the elements to build on each other rather than trying to fit everything into one survey.

Clear Seas Research can help you determine the most appropriate solution(s) for your research needs. Contact us now to schedule time to discuss your current challenges and how we may be able to assist in Making the Complex Clear.