Food & Beverage

Learn How Clear Seas Research Can Help You Excel In The Food And Beverage Space.

Clear Seas Research conducts diverse types of marketing research in food and beverage.  A typical project may identify the best package for a new product, a cereal concept test, or test advertising concepts prior to implementation.  Clear Seas can measure market awareness, familiarity, interest and acceptance for different brands, products, services, and associations.  

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We conduct market research with consumers and hard to reach audiences including, but not limited to, individuals working for: food and beverage manufacturers, food and beverage distributors, food and beverage retailers, confectionery manufacturers and distributors, ingredient manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, wholesalers  and trade associations.


In the Beverage industry we conduct research on Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks, Beer, Bottled Water, Alternative Beverages and Sports Drinks (including Fortified and Nutraceutical), Wine, Liquor, Alcohol, Juice, Fruit Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Infusion and Dairy-based drinks.

Prepared Foods

In the Food industry, we have worked with brands and private label providers in Prepared Foods including Baby Food, Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream, RTE breakfast foods, Pizza, Cheese Snacks, Meat Snacks and Prepared Snacks, Prepared Specialties including Ketchups, Sauces, Gravies, Condiments, Seasonings, Flavors, Syrups, Oils, Salad Dressings, Mayonnaises and Pickled products and Grain-Based Products such as Cereals, Pet Foods and Pastas.

Clear Seas Research team members attend industry related trade shows, subscribe to industry intelligence and keep up-to-date on the food and beverage industry. We understand the difficulty in locating and gaining research participation from both consumers and industry professionals with decision making authority. Over the years we have explored various ways to reach out to these individuals and encourage them to participate in survey based research. We know what works and what doesn’t and more importantly how to encourage industry professionals to participate in a timely manner.

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