Clear Seas Research has vast experience conducting research for manufacturers of residential and commercial plumbing products including:  boilers, pipes, valves, fittings, pumps, hot water heaters, fixtures-faucets, shower heads, radiant products, china-sinks, toilet, tubs, spas and more.  

Throughout our research experiences we’ve identified the best ways to locate, recruit and gain meaningful participation from industry professionals including architects, designers, specifying engineers, plumbers, mechanical contractors, mechanical engineers, wholesale distributors, showroom associates, building owners, managers, site managers, and others.  Achieving the valued insights from these industry professionals has been beneficial to manufacturers looking to: expand into new markets geographically; better understand how their products/brands are positioned in the marketplace; develop the most effective marketing communications; understand how their brand is positioned relative to competitive offerings; bring a new product to market; improve their current marketing strategy; improve their showroom presence; evaluate which product features are of greatest importance and enhance customer relationships.

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