B2B Experience Index

December 2021 B2B Experience Index

Qualtrics recently released their 2022 Experience Index and the key themes from their study resonate across all verticals and professions. We encourage everyone to take a moment to read through some of their insights and findings as we begin this new year.

First, “rethink how you use experience data.” The study pulls out insights that not only do brands need to double down on “innovations that stood up” over the last year, but also the need to quickly adapt to evolving experience requests.  In B2B, a good example would be from a recent ENR article, where a  commercial building in Washington DC added three floors, using an entirely mass timber frame. They met tenant demand, maintained structural integrity, and saved costs.  They took feedback and provided a solution that was truly innovative and met their customer’s experience wishes and needs.

Second, “make personalization truly personal”. This simple truth also reverberates in B2B as well.  Our most successful, and most profitable clients, succeed at providing personalization for their customers. They also provide customization at scale, meaning they have an automated process to tailored to the client’s needs.  A good example in B2B would be ABB’s implementation of a YuMI COBOT to automate mundane tasks at a Wisconsin manufacturing plant. Not only have they been able to increase production of their customized “ABB variable frequency drives”, but they also have seen big productivity gains in a tight labor market.

Third, “build a brand people buy into, not just buy from.” In today’s world of increasing concern over privacy, this means that B2B companies should think about their data relationship with their customers.  Customers, “in exchange for the data they freely provide to the companies they buy from, expect truly personalized experiences in return.”  That is, if you ask customers what they want and you take their data, you must follow up with an actual experience benefit.  Customers must want to do business with you.  The examples above, and so many more, reiterate this point for B2B brands.

Fourth, “get everyone on every team all in on Experience Management.”  No news here.  As market researchers we know that to effect real change based on experience feedback, we must engage the entire organization.  No person should be immune to what customer’s say about their experience.

As we begin 2022, let’s recommit to listening to our customers and take what we hear to work on improving our customer’s experience.  We have seen over and over that B2B brands who give even the smallest amount of energy to this principle come out way ahead in their customer’s eyes.  Here’s to a FANTASTIC 2022!