Our Journey Toward B-to-B Panel Excellence

Our Journey Toward B-to-B Market Research Excellence

Our Journey Toward B-to-B Market Research Excellence

Our vision; to obtain great, enthusiastic, and genuine B-to-B sample base, was the basis of creating our Panel.  Too often, on our quest to find appropriate sample for our customers, we found a complete lack of resources.  We took it upon ourselves to develop an asset for all professional researchers, something designed by researchers and for researchers.

What we learned was a series of insights that we would suggest to anyone looking to develop their B-to-B panel or community. You will not find anything earth-shattering here, although the key to accomplishing an excellent B-to-B community is time and patience to get to a point where members provide meaningful and thoughtful feedback.  We have listed here our suggestions to create vibrant communities of B-to-B sample.

  1. Treat panelists with respect and dignity, by our actions, not our words
  2. Pay panelists incentive, and pay it on time.
  3. Identify cheaters, speeders, and bots and (here’s the surprise) also treat them with respect and dignity (that does not mean necessarily include them in results.)
  4. Terminate early.
  5. Qualify with reasonable standards.

For our partners and clients, we wanted to create a specialized resource for professional researchers, and ensure everyone plays fair.  We wanted to build a home for professional B-to-B researchers, where we encourage and require all customers to adhere to the Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics, particularly around behaviors such as SUGing and Push-Polling.

What started as an effort to create a useful panel resource, has turned into something far more prominent and engaging than we had ever imagined.  We have found that communities tend to thrive when researchers set out to treat people with respect - and today we are excited to release our latest panel book. We’d love to share with you the progress we’ve made; you can request a copy of it today at the myCLEARopinion Panel site.