Creating Exceptional NPS for B2B


One of the questions we often receive from clients is how to achieve exceptional NPS scores.  Creating experiences that delight B2B customers has increasingly become expected, as lines between consumer experience and business purchase experience have become more and more alike. 

Work Environment:

Focusing on internal experience will have a halo effect on customers. Workplace research will help you find the gaps that may exist internally and give you valuable feedback from your employees. Exceptional employee experiences create exceptional employees who provide exceptional customer service.

Follow-Up & Thank

Follow up on every single sale. Yes, it’s true - one must follow-up on every single sale. For each project/sale, an Executive and/or Senior Leader should call the client to not only say “Thank you” but to ensure the client’s needs are being met and that you, as a company, are ready to assist in any way possible.

Client Relationship

Relate to your client rather than simply having a client relationship. Respect your client and recognize their time and needs are as important and valuable to them as they are to you. To properly drive the customer experience, one most possess empathy, generosity and a desire to find the appropriate solution for your customer – even if you are not that solution.


Finally, make sure you are capturing feedback on a regular basis.  Having regularly scheduled surveys will do more to keep you on the crest of the experience wave than anything else.

Category brand leaders conduct research with the intention of uncovering knowledge and insight which in turn drives actions and decisions. Data can come at you efficiently and quickly and the data you collect will help drive you to a leadership position on experience. This is the difference between being a leader and being in second place.