Clear Seas Adds Beverage Distributors, Retailers and Brand Owners

Clear Seas Adds Beverage Distributors, Retailers and Brand Owners

Clear Seas Adds Beverage Distributors, Retailers and Brand Owners

Clear Seas is excited to announce the addition of over 20,000 additional B-to-B decision makers in the beverage industry due to our recent acquisition of Beverage World. This unprecedented access allows both custom and panel customers alike to now bring the voice-of-the-B2B Customer straight to your team.

Our long term commitment to the beverage industry now reaches new heights due on large part to our larger access, but also for the on boarding of additional vertical knowledge and insight that we can leverage for our long time customers in helping them grow their brands and their innovative product line ups.

B-to-B market research in general, and specifically within the beverage industry, helps our customers cut through the clutter of behavioral analysis to get to the attitudinal responses that drive new ideas, innovations, and breakthrough product ideas.  The importance of market research now equals the importance of data analysis for many of our customers (here you can see the various of types of research in our data driven, digital world).  Put simply, nothing compares with to the value of a well written, unbiased survey to get to the heart of branding and new product opportunities in the B-to-B beverage world.  There is no “app for that” and no “big data” solution that can compare to a genuine and unbiased survey conversation.

Reaching the right professionals to conduct market research increases the value of your data, reduces the amount of consumer noise, and helps you make better decisions as you position your brand and product for B-to-B purchasers.  “Don’t be shy, ask your customers what they want over and over”, if you want to truly exceed your earnings goals, and if you want your company to embrace high equity branding value and innovative product launches, you must become customer obsessed.  Talk with your customers, have your sales people talk with customers, survey your customers, and especially make sure you survey your customers using a third party.  Nothing can compare to the unbiased feedback of your customers (and non-customers), and not only must you have an ongoing conversation with them, it must be replicated and tracked over time to truly bring the heart and soul of your customer into your organization’s DNA.

This is yet another exciting step for B-to-B market research, and an incredibly exciting step forward for Clear Seas in the B-to-B beverage world and industry. We look forward to starting our conversation with you today if you are looking to make better decisions on your branding or new product launches.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Gustavo ( Gus) from [BRAND], a cane juice from Brazil. I am looking for a professional who could guide me to identify which segment of the marketplace our beverage would best suitable.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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