Clear Seas Expands Reach into Global Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Markets

Clear Seas Expands its Global Sample and Research Expertise Footprint

Clear Seas Expands its Global Sample and Research Expertise Footprint

It’s an incredible day for Clear Seas Research clients as we continue to expand our global reach into building materials, construction, and architectural verticals.  With our recent acquisition of assets from Dodge Data & Analytics, Clear Seas has expanded its reach into these verticals with sample access for our panel clients, and gained extensive knowledge and insight intelligence for our full-service clients.  Our staff of experienced research professionals now brings you world class research services to domestic and global building materials, construction, and design markets.

Clear Seas Research now has increased access to professionals serving:

  1. Heavy construction (education, hotel, office buildings, industrial plants)
  2. Infrastructure
    • Transportation (including bridge and highway)
    • Environment
    • Power and Industrial
    • Water & Dams
  3. Residential construction
  4. Design Firms
  5. Utilities
  6. Cement
  7. Government (Federal, State, County, Township and Municipal)

Some of the titles acquired include:

  1. Architects
  2. Design Engineers
  3. Specialty trade contractors and engineers
    • Painting
    • Electrical
    • Masonry
    • HVAC/r
  4. Building Developers and Owners (Utilities, Commercial, and Multi-Family Residential)

Many of our customers have asked for extended global reach into the verticals we specialize in.  Additionally, many clients have asked for commercial and infra-structure buyers of their products (above and beyond the residential contractor and DIY homeowners), and with this acquisition we have this additional reach.

We’ve listened and heard from you – access to the people who specify or purchase your product is hard to find.  To get your data and analysis – you need access; and now through Clear Seas Research you have it.  If you are looking to learn from the Construction, Engineering and Architectural markets, we are here to help.

Our vertical expertise and insightful knowledge makes Clear Seas a significant, reliable, and competitive research partner for any company looking to sell into these markets. Whether you are looking to simply deploy your own survey to this unique set of construction related buyers using our panel, or are looking for a full service research company that can provide you unparalleled service, we invite you to contact us.  We can provide research data and analysis through our market research services that will give you unprecedented intelligence for making the most informed decisions possible for your new product or branding strategy.  Join us, and join the B-to-B market research revolution in the construction industry as we continue to provide unbiased and reliable data and insights to customers looking to make more informed decisions.

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