Clear Seas Research Releases 2021 Water Heater CLEAReport

Clear Seas Research Releases 2021 Water Heater CLEAReport

Clear Seas Research is pleased to announce the latest  Water Heater CLEAReport is now available for purchase. This report is designed to provide actionable insights; monitoring industry professionals’ most purchased tank and tankless water heater brands, standard installation practices, and reported market trends.

This CLEAReport was produced to help you understand the purchasing mindset of the water heater contractor, using in-depth analysis and trended data.  The Water Heater CLEAReport covers the questions that can otherwise be difficult to answer without syndicated research:

What are the most common purchase and installation practices?
Which brands are most recommended?
What brands do industry professionals use most?

We believe the water heater industry ought to be driven by high manufacturing standards and professional installation, not on market claims or misrepresentation from the competition.” Mitch Henderson, Owner & Co-CEO of BNP Media, said. “We wrote this report to serve as your trusted guide to what the purchasers of water heaters are saying behind closed doors with no salespeople around and when they feel the most confident to speak their true feelings.

This trended report includes surveys collected from Plumbing & Mechanical, SNIPS, Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer, Supply House Times, and Reeves Journal subscribers, as well as myCLEARopinion panel members whose companies install, replace, or service tank and tankless water heaters.

Please visit our website to purchase this report. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Clear Seas Research team at  All other syndicated research studies can be found at

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