Confidence vs. Fear in Market Research

Confidence vs. Fear in Market Researc

Our latest IPCT trends survey reveals respondents’ bipolar take on the economy. On the one hand, we see respondents increasingly worried about the economy. Only a tiny fraction, less than 4%, considered the current economy “not an area of concern.” Four percent!

IPCT trends survey dashboard

Yet, we see increased investments across the board when we look at more micro trends. Companies are spending more than ever on B2B Marketing Budgets. B2B Hiring rates are also at all-time highs; companies are not only hiring but also fighting to keep talent on board and engaged. Respondents are also reporting high growth rates in New Business Development activity. Every category is reporting positive growth signs with the sole exception of “concern over the economy.”

Mark Twain said it best when summarizing the current economic anxiety:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

While the majority of respondents express concern and fear over the current economy, the data would indicate that those who are confident now will be the ones that capitalize on the economic growth ahead. We do not see evidence that pulling back spending, investment, or even hiring at a time like this would make sense. Now is the time to invest in your customers, research new product ideas, and strengthen your brand’s awareness.

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