Date-Fencing! How B-to-B Can Use Mobile and Simple Predictive Analytics To Engage People

Clear Seas’ focus on B-to-B mobile research effectiveness and how to best capture feedback from mobile devices uncovers a very dynamic, open-ended and exciting time. Our world has fast become mobile-first. As different ideas are presented and tested, some concepts begin to make sense and bring real solutions to a difficult and challenging mobile-first reality. Some ideas, while making sense in theory, have difficulty panning out. Privacy concerns, individual and standard mobile settings, individualized and standardized app settings, operating system limits, upload times, cellular coverage, cell phone data plan limitations, app- to-app blocking and user confusion continue to present challenges to capturing useful data. Yet mobile usage patterns continue to emerge from our panel-community, myCLEARopinion, and define optimal methods for capturing feedback.

Date-Fencing your data collection occurs at an opportune time when people are engaged and excited in their purchase mindset. They can provide blank- slate product attribute ideas, brand perceptions untainted from sales literature or people, they can convey their hopes and dreams at a time when anything seems possible. Imagine hearing directly from excited and potential new customers what product attributes they hope your product has, what they want to do with your service, what they hope to accomplish, create or achieve with your product, brand or service. Above all, you can capture what they want to feel with your brand. Once purchased, once that transaction occurs, that hope is replaced with reality, forever gone and replaced with emotions related to satisfaction.

To read simple implementations for B-to-B companies to make predictive analytics a reality and engage mobile users WHEN they want to speak with you, contact us today to receive the Date-Fencing e-book.

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