Market Research Blind Spots E-book

Blind Spots Market Research E-book

Blind Spots Market Research E-book


Technically, the blind spot is where the optic nerve leaves your retina and sends signals to your brain. Because there are no sensors for visual information at that point, it is your physical blind spot.

There’s also the blind spot in your car. As the driver, there is a zone outside the car that you cannot see in your mirrors or while you are at the controls. You have to turn your head to see it. That’s why we sometimes hear, “But Officer, he was in my blind spot.”

And finally, there are your mental or psychological blind spots. These are beliefs or aspects of our personalities of which we simply cannot be aware. It’s “what you don’t know you don’t know.” If it is just you and the people around you who are impacted by your blind spots, that’s bad enough. But if your business is suffering because you hold outdated or wrong beliefs, that is a tragedy.

Many marketers and other business managers ha

ve blind spots about marketing research. Sometimes it is difficult to admit that we don’t know everything, or that maybe our customers are not quite as honest with us as we’d like them to be. Sometimes it is easier to do our own in-house bad research than to pay the price for good research. Sometimes we are just not accurately assessing the risk inherent in not doing marketing research and finding out what customers and prospects truly think about our products, services, and brands.

What’s the cure for blind spots? Information. This eBook was written to provide information about marketing research. So you can examine some of your blind spots and misperceptions, and determine if maybe – just maybe! – marketing research needs to play a bigger role in your business.

To receive a copy of this e-book, please contact us today.   And I hope you enjoy reading it. And after you have read it, if you find that you do need marketing research to answer questions about your business, call us. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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