Operational Challenges and Marketing Research Opportunities to Increase Revenue in 2014


How do you balance rising operational challenges with growth opportunities?

Companies that invest in research face the challenge of balancing operational challenges with potential growth opportunities uncovered from research. The main challenges we see in B-to-B companies for 2014 are related to higher materials costs and finding new business. Growing labor costs, government regulations and efficiency issues also play a big role in limiting businesses ability to grow. For the 2014 “Clear Seas Research Revenue Growth ebook”, Clear Seas focuses on the top two issues; rising costs and business development challenges.

The unrelenting rise of raw materials comes from many sources but predominantly from growing global demand. Leading companies first look for ways to reduce internal costs before passing costs onto customers.

Leading companies are close to their customers, they take time to conduct in-depth interviews with their customers, they bring prospects and customers into focus groups and central location tests to try their products, give feedback on different brands, and provide advice to leaders on ways to improve service, develop new products, and improve the customer experience.

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