Upgrades to Clear Seas Research’s Online Survey Platform

Clear Seas surveys marry the best design with the latest technology

Clear Seas surveys marry the best design with the latest technology

We have been working hard on upgrading our technology for our clients and participants. Some of the new technology we are investing in will help streamline data collection details, resulting in a better experience for our panelists and survey takers, and will ultimately deliver higher quality data to our customers.

Our investment over the years to implement technology at every phase of the research process has given us an incredible ability to be faster and more precise in our reports and insights. None of those technologies is more important than the data-collection front end solution – our survey platform. We are immensely excited to now announce new upgrades for our research participants, which ultimately benefits Clear Seas customers with faster, more precise data and reports.

We treat every research participant as if they were a co-worker and trusted advisor, and ensuring that they are given an efficient, well-worded, and well programmed survey is our responsibility and duty. Every Clear Seas Research participant can take surveys on a device of their choosing, and rest assured their data is safe and not tracked back to a CRM or database where their PII can be discovered. Just as an example, we take big efforts to enforce nested quota automation, structuring our looping and piping efficiently. We don’t just randomize question sets, we utilize extraction to evolve a better survey, resulting in fewer dropouts and produce more insightful findings. Although the list is long, we have listed here just a handful of the upgrades to our survey platform:

•             Introduced Question Looping feature to Survey Editor.
•             Introduced Nested Quota & Full Upload.
•             Security improvements – administrative/strict security mode with dual domain support.
•             Lists now support Card Sort questions.
•             New support for image-based Checkbox and Radio questions.
•             Added TrueSample meta data to Batch Update.
•             Support for mobile response choice headers.
•             Redesigned and easy-to-edit desktop and mobile themes with pre-designed templates.
•             Single-entry URL for all surveys using automatic mobile detection.
•             Mobile survey compatibility advisor and mobile compatibility enhancements.
•             Mobile survey supported sliders, form tables, and file upload question types.
•             Support for lists and automated looping.
•             Completely revised quota system with nested quota automation.

Whether you are looking for a simple programming and hosting partner, or a full-service marketing research agency to help you with your most pressing business decisions and KPIs, contact Clear Seas Research to let us help you succeed in marketing research.

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