Clear Seas Mobile Demo. Crafting Killer Mobile Marketing Research Projects With Better Technology.

Many people today live on their smartphone. Many people are also replacing their computers with tablets. We are living in a cultural shift to a mobile world. Naturally, you want to make sure that you are listening to your customers on their mobile devices as well. How do you do that? You work to maximize the quality of the feedback you can obtain from your target audience, regardless of where they spend their time.

Clear Seas Mobile brings you the most advanced mobile capabilities for data collection while focusing on the quality of your respondent’s experience.

To help you better understand your customers and consumers, we understand the urgency of capturing their thoughts, feedback and opinions on their mobile devices.

Focusing on the quality of your respondents’ experience will make sure they do not drop out, that they will keep their attention long enough to get you the answers you need and that they will not be turned off to taking future mobile surveys.

Clear Seas Mobile has designed a mobile experience with the latest in mobile technology capabilities to maximize data gathering from your target audience. In this demo, you can see some of the advantages of using Clear Seas Mobile.

• Clear Seas Mobile uses Industry leading mobile device detection to support all devices with dynamic image scaling to fit a variety of screen sizes, and limit scrolling.

• Your surveys will work more smoothly as our software minimizes fat-fingering mistakes with large text, block highlights around selections and isolated “next” buttons.

• Using the “Canvas” element, in HTML5, which allows for javascript controlled drawings, video, audio and images your respondents will have no need to download flash or plug-ins.

• Your questions will be interactive, allowing your audience to mark off a space on a page where interactive pictures, charts and graphs, game components, and other imaginations can be drawn directly by user interaction — no flash or other plug-ins are required.

• Your mobile surveys can utilize GPS location capture.

• You will be able to utilize storage capabilities for offline operation (a quasi built-in database on the browser).

• And, of course, designing short surveys with limited open ends and matrices will increase your response rate.

Clear Seas Mobile Technology will maximize the quality of your respondent’s experience and give you powerful data during the limited time and attention span your mobile audience can give you.

Since your time is critical, and you may part of a limited staff and resources within your company, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what your customers are faced with while still having time to get out and meet them? With Clear Seas Mobile, you can still do all of the things you need to do everyday, but be much more productive because you can be the mobile sidekick to your clients with real-world feedback.

Contact Clear Seas Research today to learn more about Clear Seas Mobile capabilities.

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