Learn How Clear Seas Research Captures Dynamic, Original And Engaging Feedback From B-to-B Professionals.

myCLEARopinionĂ´ (mCopanel) is the proprietary panel of Clear Seas Research. Fully mobile optimized, mCopanel has been a key element in our sampling methodology for many years and specializes in delivering online sample to the B-to-B market research community.

Delivering consistent quality sample for research is not an accident. It must begin with a well-managed panel. mCopanel is committed to providing the highest quality sample for your research projects.

Our Clients:

mCopanel is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients and we believe that quality online sample is more than just delivering the right survey participants to your study. Robust communication and responsiveness ensure that we can deliver the right sample when you need it.

Our Panel:

mCopanel believes the key to achieving a quality online panel is to foster a solid long-term relationship with our panelists. We treat our panel community with respect and we reward them equitably for their time and opinions. Please take a moment to review our ESOMAR 28 PDF or contact mCopanel directly for more information.

To learn more about the mCo panel please visit: