Marketing Research in an uncertain world

You live in an uncertain world.  You will always face uncertainty, and your perception of uncertainty will affect your business decisions.

You trust your intuition when you make decisions.  You have always used it. It may have gotten you where you are today. It will always be your last and most important guidepost in determining and setting your future course.

You may also know that your gut can help you succeed in business to be bold and confident when others are in fear and holding back.

I would like to suggest a way to enhance your intuition: Double-blind, marketing research.

You need feedback from your customers, from your prospects, that arrives to you unfiltered, free of agenda, free of sales bias and free of branding.  You need to hear the voice of your customer.

Double blind marketing research will give you insights, from your target stakeholders and customers, that are blind to your purpose, and blind to your brand.  Research that comes from a company with no motive other than to help you make the very best decisions can aid your intuition.

Marketing Research is rapidly changing, but Clear Seas has been at the forefront of the change in collecting feedback. We have found ways to deliver smarter, more efficient, and more insightful research.  One thing I learned is that one very effective way to breed success is to have a culture of high integrity, that culture of integrity must be supported with feedback from your customers giving it to you real. That belief is anchored in our launching of Clear Seas, to provide you a window into the people and prospects that purchase your products.

We put all of our hearts, all of our minds and all of our intellect into creating insights you can use.  We are in the business of insights, we think long and write short.  We collect feedback from your target audience, we prod, we dive deep, we analyze, we clean data, we produce reports you will love.

Our core values are integrity, passion and optimism.  You will love us because of our integrity.  You will love the passion we put into our research.  And you will find our motivation for optimism compelling.  Ironically, optimism can sometimes mean delivering difficult insights that can save you from sinking further costs, and our insights are always based on the voice of your customer.

No matter which direction you decide to go in in this uncertain world, you are fortunate to have an array of different options to capture the voice of your customer that have never before been available to managers before.  Use technology and audience reach solutions to aid you in bringing that voice to the table when making decisions.  Don’t hesitate, take action today to start learning reality, let the voice of your customer aid your instinct and complement your knowledge.


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