Innovation In Research Implementation On Your Salesforce Cloud

What do over 200 Salesforce users think about research insights on Chatter? You might be surprised to see the opportunity!

How do you implement insights?  No matter your role in today’s agile workplace, implementing research findings is likely amongst your highest priorities.  When you learn something, something that is worthy of effecting change, an idea so important that the risk of doing something (even if it proves risky) outweighs the risk of doing nothing, you must take steps to implement. A different way to look at the full practice of research, insights and data gathering is how effectively you can implement findings.  As research starts to involve more managers throughout organizations, and different forms of data can be turned into insights, all managers must be challenged to close the loop and implement.

As managers we are lucky to have different platforms to gather data; many are beginning to be automated.  Surveys, to IDI’s, focus groups, social media listening and monitoring, web analytics and Lean Startup methodologies have all made the capturing of data more and more effective and easy.

But how do you present research findings to team members within your organization?  What steps prove most effective in making changes that last?  Let’s face it, no matter how good your research, if you don’t get it in front of your organization in an easy-to-understand and react-to format, you’ll have little success actually implementing your findings.  How many talented individuals come up with great ideas from the voice of their customer, hear or see things no one else sees, and then stop short of actually taking this vision and making it a reality?  The real challenge in today’s workplace is not just capturing information and feedback, but creating insights and effectively sharing the information internally to enable change, delivering it into effective implementation.

Our research shows that conversation and email are still the most powerful ways to share transmit findings and analysis.  At the bottom of the list in effectiveness are emailing PDF reports/stacks and scope-less meetings.  Sending insights via email, together with full report, and having conversations about findings, are the best ways to communicate the unbiased voice of your customer to decision makers.  One untapped area for improving communications and proving ROI from research findings is to make your stories and insights social on your Salesforce cloud.  All researchers must demonstrate a real ROI for their efforts, no matter what the source of the analysis and data. ROI can only be demonstrated through true implementation of results; taking findings up to a new level within your organization, to a height high enough to inspire change and make it happen.  Providing both a social feature with chatter, and enterprise security, Salesforce provides a platform to share research findings and generate conversations to foster change.

Taking time to carefully post and comment on research insights on your Salesforce cloud can enhance conversations and create peer pressure to adopt the most powerful insights.  Salesforce chatter offers a unique opportunity to create social momentum within your organization around difficult subjects and topics before a meeting even needs to be scheduled called.  In fact, chatter can help create critical buy-in and momentum for findings, allowing meetings to focus on next steps for implementing change and not on convincing team members to listen to your insights.

We have created an e-book based on feedback from over 200 Salesforce users on how they utilize their Salesforce cloud in conjunction with marketing research.  Our findings show that most Salesforce users are open to the concept of utilizing chatter and other Salesforce functionality to help communicate research findings, but that very few firms are currently doing so.  This e-book is designed to show how posting insights on your Salesforce chatter can not only improve the effectiveness of findings implementation and help to instigate change, but posting can also help demonstrate ROI to executives in real time, socially and in a way that does not create email and meeting fatigue.

Researchers and Brand Managers, if your organization is currently using Salesforce, it’s time to consider a new ways to share research insights via Chatter.  This ability to share findings and generate conversations to instigate change in a social environment may increase the value of the research you conduct for your entire organization.  Greater exposure to research insights will result in faster implementation of change and likely result in greater demand for additional market research.  Consider what leveraging the communication tool of Salesforce, to share research insights and increase the importance of market research in your organization, could do for your role in your organization.

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