TrueSample Certification Bolsters Clears Seas’ Survey Collection Technology, Making Sure People Who Take Your Surveys Are Verified, Authentic And Of The Highest Quality.

There’s no better feeling than knowing the survey data you’ve collected is derived from respondents who are real, unique and engaged.

That’s exactly why Clear Seas Research has initiated a new certification partnership with TrueSample, the industry’s leading survey validation firm. TrueSample integration will ensure your Clear Seas survey respondents are verified, authentic, and of the highest possible quality.

So how will Clear Seas and TrueSample ensure you continue receiving world-class survey results? Throughout the entire design and deploy process:

• Before
TrueSample technology proactively eliminates fake, duplicate, and habitually unengaged panelists. SurveyScore Predictor technology estimates audience engagement and allows us to better refine your survey for maximum effectiveness.

• During
TrueSample works in real-time to spot fake, duplicate, unengaged and unqualified respondents as they attempt to take your survey. The validation process employs the same advanced technologies used to prevent online credit fraud.

• After
TrueSample SurveyScore uses both experiential and behavioral variables to measure the impact of your survey on audience engagement and provides suggestions for further improvement.

Clear Seas is proud to stand with and join more than 100 research groups and leading panel companies using TrueSample to ensure their respondent authenticity and to support industry-wide quality standards. Adding TrueSample validation to our expert survey design capabilities will lead to an even greater respondent experience.

Strict discipline to your data collection process will result in better research results. With this integration, Clear Seas Research strengthens its commitment to providing you with best-in-class data collection and reporting technology.

Contact Clear Seas Research today to learn more about Clear Seas survey capabilities.

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